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Our Comprehensive Collection of Articles on Ontario Employment Law

Explore our extensive collection of articles on Ontario employment law, penned by the experienced employment lawyer, Justin W. Anisman. These articles are designed to empower both employees and employers by covering a wide array of topics, from workplace rights and responsibilities to legal strategies for navigating complex employment situations. Discover our expert insights and find answers to all your Ontario workplace questions.

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Employment Contracts and Independent Contractor Agreements

Understanding the key components, legal rights, and obligations of employment contracts in Ontario for employees, independent contractors and their employers.

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Employment Law Litigation

Navigating the court and tribunal processes, including pleadings, alternative dispute resolution, negotiation, mediation, motions, discoveries, trials and appeal strategy and procedures.

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Employment Standards & Compliance

A comprehensive guide to the Employment Standards Act, covering essential concepts, rights, obligations, compliance and best practices.

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Human Rights and Discrimination

Addressing workplace discrimination, equality, and human rights issues, and providing guidance on prevention and resolution strategies.

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Long-Term Disability Benefits & Claims

A comprehensive guide to long-term disability benefits and claims, including eligibility, the application process, and understanding your rights as an employee in Ontario.

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Workplace Health and Safety

Articles about compliance with Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, and promoting a safe and healthy working environment.

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Workplace Investigations

Outlining the process and requirements of workplace investigations, addressing misconduct, and resolving disputes in the workplace.

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Wrongful Dismissal & Termination

Exploring the rules, entitlements, and processes surrounding termination and severance pay in Ontario’s employment law landscape.

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