Clawbies 2018 Nominations

#Clawbies2018 Nominations

December 13, 2018

The 2018 Canadian Law Blog Awards (The Clawbies)

Well it has been a crazy month for me personally and one exciting year. But, I have put some time aside to make sure I could make my nominations for the 2018 Canadian Law Blog Awards a.k.a. .

For those who don’t know, the Clawbies are in their 13th year and are run by the good people at Their goal, to showcase the best Canadian legal resources on the internet, is especially important given that so much legal information available on-line is from the United States. The Clawbies and give Canadians trustworthy sources of Canadian legal information.

I have been thinking about my nominations a lot over the last several months. Especially since I’ve been reading more law blogs than ever since starting Legally Speaking at the beginning of this year.

My Nomination

Without further ado, my nomination for the 2018 Clawbies is:

Advocates for the Rule of Law

The Advocates for the Rule of Law have been publishing since 2014 but this has been a break out year for the organization. They were successful in intervening twice before the Supreme Court of Canada and regularly make erudite publications for Canadian lawyers across the country. Their publications this year have been highly influential and there is no one more deserving of the Change and Advocacy Award than ARL and its principal Asher Honickman.

Honorable Mentions

There are many blogs that deserve honorable mentions and there are many more that I never skip when they arrive in my news feed. However, I’m feeling especially sentimental and wanted to give a special shout out to a few which really inspired my to start my own.

These people regularly publish insightful and well written articles. I hope to be able to meet the quality of their posts one day.

Shameless Plug

To all my readers (which I’m still not convinced is anyone except my wife and mother), if you’ve enjoyed my posts, or, by some unlikely coincidence, have actually learned anything, I would love to be nominated for the best New Blog Clawbie. You can do so by tweeting my blog at .

Regardless, thanks to everyone who supported me in my efforts this year. I’ll never forgot when one of you, you know who you are, came up to me and said you actually enjoyed reading my articles when they popped up on your Facebook news feed. That really gave me the motivation to keep going. Lastly, a special thanks to my colleagues and friends, Leslie Dizgun and Nicholas Goldhawk, who co-wrote / guest-wrote an article each. Happy holidays everyone.

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